Fire retardant paint is a fire retardant coating used on building parts that remain visible. Fire retardant paint provides the necessary fire protection while maintaining the aesthetic characteristics of the construction. Its matte finish delays the spread of flames and reduces the production of smoke.

Fire protection shouldn’t have to come at the cost of compromising safety, beauty or sustainability. That’s why our revolutionary fire retardant technologies are specially formulated with zero thermal conductivity and no toxic smoke & gases so you can enjoy superior protection without sacrificing any of your standards.


Our anti-vapour compound foams in the face of extreme temperatures while preventing corrosion beneath the surface – plus, it’s easy to apply! Preserve appearance even under high heat conditions without changing its weight – what more could you want from a fire retardant paint? Achieve perfect coverage every time with complete peace of mind when it comes to fire safety.

Fire retardant paint can be used in any colour to add an aesthetic aspect to the cladding. In fact, there are different models of fireproof paint adapted to the particularities of their use. 

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