Fire prevention

With regard to fire prevention (i.e., the preservation of building materials against fire and heat in the event of a fire), ECHO Construction ensures compliance with the requirements of the national building code and the conditions of insurance companies by using the excellent fire protection products available on the market.

Fire protection is a process that aims to give certain materials in a building the ability to resist heat and flames for a certain period of time. The purpose of fire protection is therefore to enhance the fire resistance of a building by applying fire protection substances, which have components that reduce, control, or slow the spread of flames.

For steel frame constructions, it is essential to protect their structures with a fire-resistant product. Steel must be nonflammable because it would lose its strength in a fire due to the high heat released by the flames. Because firestopping products protect what they cover from heat and overheating, materials and infrastructure can withstand the temperature for longer periods of time.