Groupe Mayer is an authorized applicator of several types of roll and liquid membranes with vapour barrier and/or air barrier properties permitting the sealing of the building envelope. Our expertise is focused on the installation of large numbers of membranes.

Our company is extremely efficient and has established itself as a leader in the application of several types of membranes. ECHO Construction offers all the protection and safety equipment required for urethane membranes in the Gatineau-Ottawa region.

The urethane membrane helps fight air leaks, which increases economic efficiency and air purity. It also provides resistance to the formation of humidity which causes mould, rust, degradation and corrosion. The membrane is designed to be easily installed over a wide range of precast materials, including cement, concrete brick and treated sheet steel.

Through its many accomplishments in the application of urethane membranes in the residential, commercial and institutional sectors, ECHO Construction‘s team members have acquired unparalleled expertise in the installation of all insulation systems. Whether it is for the installation, placement or setup of a urethane membrane in Gatineau-Ottawa, our experience and professionalism lead us to offer our partners insulation services unmatched in the field.

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